ORT – Autumn Leaves

In Off Road Team by RNRMMSA

Autumn leaves is one of the most challenging events in the season. It takes us up to Larkhill using sailsbury plain for the night event. Up against the elements of night time and being tired does not always help. Lest year we had rain and fog so a bit pleasing that it’s dry this time. But that means having loads of dust and there was lots and lots of that.

 So we arrived at 1600 ready to sign on and get checked over. Truck was unloaded and parked up next to the army just to intimidate them. Think it worked as when we come back out they had moved their truck away from us. Must have been the 12ft flag scared them away. Time to sort the route. This is no easy route. Loads of little tracks coming off for the drivers to count out but for the nav they only have curtain tracks on their maps so really key to work together. Just as we are about to have the drivers brief Bernie informs us there is room for one more so Pat and Hon team up for the first time in Homs defender 90. Maps all done we are ready for the off. Nick and Squid recently fitted new LED lights for this event and what a difference it made. 

The terrain was head this year. Being dry ish it throws the trucks around like mad. Having been told by nick to slow down as he can’t read the map must have meant squid was going to fast. Oops. Team manger squid had a phone call at about 2130 to say that pat and Hon have had to retire as their defender 90 lost oil pressure to the engine. Not good. So one truck left we carried on up to the half way point. Smashed it. Doing really well on our time. Squid Checked over the truck while nick checked the maps. All good. Ready to go again. Quick drink and food then back to the start line. 

We pull away and a loud tapping noise starts. Not good. Just pull on a bit more and then bang. Loss of power and we pull over. This is not good. Lift of the bonnet and the rocker cover was a jar. Out comes the tools. Nope that’s us out too. Bent push rods. Not good. So recovery time. Squid got a lift back to HQ to get the recovery truck. Loaded up and back for the results. Squid and nick had to retire but it’s always interesting to see how it was going. At half time we were 3rd over all. Gutted. 

We will conquer the plain one day. 

Next event Mudmaster in Glasgow.  Dead line now to fix both trucks. Will we do it.