ORT – AWDC Rd 1 – West Harptree

In Off Road Team by Robert Cozens

AWDC Round 1 – 5 gate championship – West Harptree.

AWDC season is now underway with the R1 being at West Harptree, a great site with lots of mud and non-forgiving rocks. A great turn out on the RTV, Class 1 & 2 and Mods. With 10 entered in the RTV this put in some good comp for Tom Neal and Alex Lawson in their ex MOD green fleet, a 110 and 90 wolf.

Rob Cozens double drove in Class 2 with James Loxton, both trying to defend their 2022 title and hitting everything hard, sometimes too hard. The first course led to going back to the pits as Rob decided to take on a big rock and bent the steering arm like a banana. Not the best start. After a quick change they were back. Getting the first 4 section out the way before lunch with a few to many points it was showing that this weekend was not for them and needed to pull something out the bag after lunch.

Tom and Alex were doing well before lunch with hardly any canes missed and no damage. Just a lot of wheel spinning and mud flying for them.

After lunch and a few more repairs they were back out and at the bottom of the site this time. Walking the course there was a lot of drops and looking around James was happy to go first on the fresh mud and looking to have the best grip as being towards the middle before lunch had made the courses hard work. James left the start and was going well, got to gate 3 with a large valley drop in, with no notice at all the back end slipped and the truck rolled off the edge and into the bottom with a massive thud. Everyone jumped to help and clearly driver and passenger where in shock. After the section marshal scratched his head on how to recover the truck, they abandon the section and left us to recover.

It was only end of last season we decided to fit a winch and so pleased we did. Saved the truck in this shocking position to get her out and back on the wheels. 5 ltrs of engine oil, a quick check over and rob was first to get back on the track and walking away with a clear. Truck smoked a bit but ready for the next challenge.

All was going well for the team till the last section, just as Rob come off a rather large step / rock face, the rear prop snapped, causing the truck to be stuck in yet another valley. I bit too much foot and bang – front CV snapped. Great. That was it then, only 1 wheel driving a tow back to the pits and load up. Fully out of spares now.

Down to tom and Alex to fly the RNRMORT flag then and they finished well. Both with clears and low points throughout the day.

Well done to all, another great event. Roll on round 2.

Results –

James – 3rd out of 5 Class 2

Rob – 4th out 5 Class 2

Alex – 1st out of 10 RTV

Tom – 2nd out 10 RTV