ORT – Saxon Express Mar 19

In Off Road Team by RNRMMSA

First race of the season takes the Team to Bovington Training Area a great place to start the season. Unfortunately the team Captain CPO Squid Cozens had to pull out the weekend before due to a concussion injury playing rugby so could only entre 2 teams in the end but they represented the ORT very well and was up against it at this race as the Army decided to enter their rally teams Land Rover and was out to shine. Just a shame they decided to get stuck in the smallest pond out there but the RN/RM was there to help them out of course.

2 green fleets land rovers entered the race this time with CPO Fred Basset and PO Pat Becket in Truck 9 and Sgt Hodgy Hodgson and WO2 Mike Symes RM in Truck 32. So RN vs RM this time. 32 trucks entered and 8 DNF due to break downs.  Saxon Express is over a great area and putting the trucks and the team in all sorts of positions. Working well together is key and trusting the Nav that he knows where he is going and trusting the driver not to crash the truck.

The event was a typical mix of navigating and drivers challenges completed throughout the day with the gunnery challenge being a unique event and well received.  Was a nice turn out to have a few cars there as you find yourself being able to get around the courses on time and get to the next stage and staying within your time limit. It was well supported by all 3 services. Following a tough days competing WO2 Matt Symes and SGT C Hodgson came out as 1st green fleet with CPO fred Bassett and PO Pat Beckett not far behind.

The RNRMORT often get to see people from different places and experience around the UK but this time we had Neil Watterson at this event, he is the editor for Land Rover owner magazine. He sometimes takes part and is keen to see how the RNRMORT are doing in the season. He won this years event. Please read his experience of this years event. LRO Saxon Express Fun in the sun.

Truck 32 Matt Symes & C Hodgson 1st GF 6th overall 50 points

Truck 9 Fred Bassett & Pat Beckett 7th overall 56 points