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SWOR at Landrake – 22nd July 2018

For the first time in 2018 riders from the RNRMMXT would compete at a South West Off Road event at Landrake Motoparc. On this day the familiar sight of Nick Carbury of RMR Scotland and that of Piers Stanley of HMS Talent would compete in the Junior Elite class and score points towards the Royal Navy Motocross Championship.

Written by Nick Carbury


Practice commenced at 09:15 and we would be the fifth group to go out. The format would be one lap under waved yellow flags, followed by three laps of timed qualifying to decide gate selection for the first race.

Despite the dry weather over the previous weeks, the track crew had managed to layer the track in just the right amount of water- Landrake always needs to be wet in practice to make good racing later on in the day!

Piers would set the tone for the day going 4th fastest in qualifying, whereas I would struggle to find some pace sitting back in 13th some 4 seconds slower. However I would only be a second and a half slower than the rider in 6th place and fairly confident I could find time come the first race.

Nick Carbury gauging the track in practice

Race 1

The first race would begin with the customary drag uphill into the first long, sweeping right-hand corner at Landrake. Then transitioning to a left-right chicane into a small tabletop. I would emerge through all of that in 5th place. Piers, after getting a terrible jump, would get bogged down and was near the back of the pack early on. Undeterred, he would battle through to 21st by the end of the first lap. Digging deep and setting ever quicker lap times he would ride back to a fantastic 13th, before a mechanical issue on the penultimate lap would see him push his bike back to the paddock.

Meanwhile I would have a fairly uneventful race, managing 5th place until I set my two quickest laps of the race in the final two laps and managed to convert that pace into a pass for 4th on the final lap.

Written by Piers Stanley

Race 2

A mediocre start would leave me mid-pack in the first turn riding round a very slipper first few corners making up a few positions to 12th on the first lap. Nick would start around 8th place and make his way upto 5th by the second lap, but coming around to the main tabletop on the track would land awkwardly and crash off his bike. This would lead to him retiring from the race and the day.

I would start to pull through the field to 7th place as the race went on, but on the second to last lap I made a mistake which would see me drop the bike and lose several positions. Eventually I would finish in 9th place.

Piers Stanley pushing forward

Race 3

I started off in 10th place, my best start of the day. Making up a few positions with some good battles in the first few laps getting to 7th. Unfortunately, once again my bike would let me down on the last lap and see me sat on the side of the track trying to push a part back into place, meaning I would finish 23rd.

Royal Navy (Royal Marines) Motocross Championship

  1. Nick Carbury (RM) – 570
  2. Piers Stanley (RN) – 234
  3. Adam Figgins (RN) – 184
  4. Josh Dale (RN) – 140

As ever the Royal Navy Royal Marines Motocross Team would like to thank the Royal Navy Royal Marines Motorsport Association for giving the team the opportunity to represent the RN and RM at the sport we love, as well as the support we receive from the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, the RN & RM Sports Lottery, and the Royal Marines Charity.

Along with the support we receive from team sponsors-

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