Training Day

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Alex Snow Training Day at Ashdown – 26th July 2018

RNRMMXT riders receiving instruction from Alex Snow

Coaching days are a great opportunity for riders to work on technical aspects of riding, while having a professional eye scrutineer their abilities for strengths and weaknesses.

On a mid-summer day in the countryside of Oxfordshire, motocross / enduro coach and professional enduro rider Alex Snow would impart his knowledge on riders of the RNRMMXT.

The day would begin with more technique driven drills- focusing on brushing up on and perfecting the basics, whilst building on that to give each rider a larger understanding of the technical aspects of riding. From there, the focus would move onto line selection, whilst splitting the track into small segments and trying to build from one to the next. Finishing the day out with some work on one of the most underrated and most important parts of a motocross race- starts.

“We had a mega day. Although the tracks are very dry and dusty at the moment it proved to be really good technique training for the guys. They all made some big improvements throughout the day and looked much smoother and confident by the end. It was a pleasure to work with them.”

Alex Snow, EnduroGP and BEC Rider, Motocross/Enduro Coach

“Absolutely mint days training with Alex Snow! 1 on 3 training with the track to ourselves, made some massive improvements and had a lot of fun at the same time!”

Piers Stanley, RNRMMXT

“Awesome day getting to train with professional rider Alex Snow. Eye opener that basics can get overlooked easily, and that a half second or mph here can be significant over a race period.”

Luke Rudd, RNRMMXT

“Had a great day at Ashdown MX track with Alex Snow. It was the first proper coaching session I’ve had. We worked on corners, jumps and race starts throughout the day. Overall was a very worthwhile day where a lot was learned.”

Neil McCrow, RNRMET