Acerbis Amateur Nationals, Farleigh Castle

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Farleigh Castle – 18th – 19th August 2018

Written by Adam Figgins

The seventh Acerbis Amateur Nationals round took the RNRMMXT to Farleigh Castle, a natural hillside track, previously used for Motocross GPs. Both L/Cpl Carbury and Lt Figgins had been off the race scene for a while due to injuries.

Adam Figgins at Farleigh Castle. Photo: Matthew Rudd Photography

Race 1

The first race was by far the easiest of the weekend as the track had not yet developed into rough conditions. Carbury started mid-pack ahead of Figgins, and tried to settle into a good pace. Throughout the race Figgins made a number of passes to climb up to 13th by the chequered flag. Carbury dropped a few places, finishing in 27th.

Race 2

The second race saw similar starts, with Figgins getting a good jump but he was bumped by another rider taking him wide and losing positions. The RNRMMX Team riders settled in to a steady pace as the roughness of the track started to takes it toll. Both riders started to fade towards the latter stage of the race finishing in 21st and 32nd.

Adam Figgins pushin on. Photo: Matthew Rudd Photography

Race 3

Nearly defeated for the day, Carbury and Figgins had to rally once more for the third and final race of the day. Figgins started mid-pack just ahead of Carbury and tried to climb the leaderboard. However, arm pump set in and he dropped a few places finishing in 22nd, with Carbury only a few places back in 26th.

The return to racing proved a massive challenge, but both riders were able to come away with no further injuries, leaving them more prepared for the next round.

Written by Nick Carbury

Race 4

As was the norm, Sunday would begin with a sighting lap going straight into the first race of the day. I would get another poor start, just inside the top 30 and only manage to push as high as 25th. Although I would hold off the advances of a quicker rider for the last couple of laps. The story of the first race on Sunday would be Adam getting a start around 10th place, but aggravating an injury and having to slow his pace right off by the second lap. Ultimately he would wait just short of the chequered flag to follow the leader through at the end of the race, finishing in 44th and 3 laps down.

Nick Carbury at Farleigh Castle. Photo: Matthew Rudd Photography

Race 5

So we came to the final race of the weekend, and I would be the sole rider from the team after Adam had to retire from race 4. Another disappointing start would see me outside the top 30, and once again I would never settle into a comfortable rhythm and only progressed to 30th but at the back of a train of 8 riders stretched over six seconds.

Nick Carbury pressing forward. Photo: Matthew Rudd Photography

With a hefty 4-week gap before the next MXT event, there’s plenty of time for the riders to finish recovering and smash out some practice laps!

15th-16th September – Pontrilas – Acerbis Amateur Nationals

Inter-Service Motocross Championship (Individual)

  1. Matt Readman (RAF) – 527
  2. Nick Carbury (RN) – 367
  3. Adam Figgins (RN) – 250
  4. Jason Brice (RAF) – 195
  5. Piers Stanley (RN) – 176
  6. Josh Dale (RN) – 80

Inter-Service Motocross Championship (Service)

  1. Royal Navy – 742
  2. Royal Air Force – 667
  3. Army – 0

Royal Navy (Royal Marines) Motocross Championship

  1. Nick Carbury (RM) – 700
  2. Adam Figgins (RN) – 371
  3. Piers Stanley (RN) – 234
  4. Josh Dale (RN) – 140

The RNRMMXT would like to thank the Royal Navy Royal Marines Motorsport Association for giving us the opportunity to represent the RN and RM at the sport we love, as well as the support we receive from the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity, the RN & RM Sports Lottery, and the Royal Marines Charity.

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