ORT – Road Master 2021

In Off Road Team by RNRMMSA

We’re back for the 2nd event of 2021, following the lifting of some restrictions allowing motorsport to take place once again.

The first Road Master to take place using the training areas around the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield with the countryside of East Yorkshire providing a stunning backdrop with spectacular weather giving excellent conditions.

The Off Road Team (ORT) entered one vehicle for the event, allocated as Truck 3, a green fleet 110 allocated from CHF MT at RNAS Yeovilton travelling up from Somerset on the Friday ready for the competition taking place on the Saturday, with Cliff Bassett as Driver and Pat Beckett in the Nav’ seat.

Set up differently to other events, Road Master had entries for motor bikes providing a welcome inclusion to the field also containing the usual service vehicle (including 1 SV) and civilian 4x4s covering navigation and driver skill events.

With maps issued, pre-plot carried out and briefings given, the teams set off at 1 minute intervals on the first road nav’ to the Driffield site where crews encountered their first 3 trials of the day, being: Orienteering, the Scatter, covering ground over the off – road training area collecting marker boards, and a Gymkhana.

After tough going with the initial events, the Driver pulled some points back with the Gymkhana allowing the crew to keep pace with the rest of the field.

Following the lunch halt, Truck 3 began the afternoon serials beginning with the RTV trialling using the off-road training area at Leconfield, again the Driver had a blinder and got clear rounds on all 3 areas of the section.

Truck 3 moved into the final serial, the Safari, utilizing much of the training area at Leconfield, across the disused runway and navigating off road tracks around the vicinity the truck had to maintain pace whilst completing the designated route to stay within the top places.

Completing the Safari section brought an end to the day’s serials, after a great event catching up with familiar faces and being able to compete once again, the RN team came in 2nd overall, a little sun burnt and looking forward to the next event.

Looking forward to the next BAMA event.