ORT – AWDC Clyro – Rd 3

In Off Road Team by RNRMMSA

On the 5th June, Rory, Squid and James headed up to Hereford for the 3rd round of the AWDC 5 gate challenge champs 2021, what a drive it would be to get there. A long way to go…. Not really as we go up to Scotland for some events but there was a lot of hills to fight with.

All set up and ready to go for the next day, the team got together to see what to expect for the next day, what about breakages, roll overs, flat tyres and many more. We decided to go with the flow and it worked really well.

First trial was a hard one, loads of bends and pushing the car to the limits, James made it look easy in his 90, but squid defo got sore arms trying to get his 110 around the course. After 2 sections, something did not seam right. We looked in to it and realised the tray back still had 30 psi in her tyres, not good. So took them down to 8 psi for some grip and what a difference. With 100 points on side due to the tyre pressures was it all over for squid…. Nearly was but where people struggled the tray back pulled through. Even to the point when Rory and squid when side way down the side of a cliff to get grip, it worked and pulled put all the stops…. Well a hard hit to the throttle and she was out.

After 8 sections, showers of rain, both trucks looking a little damaged and covered in mud it was time to load up and wait for the results.

1st was James for class 2… this was a shock to us both and 3rd was Squid. How we don’t know but the tray back was firing on all 4 by the end of the day. Home now to repair ready for the next round.