ORT – Round 5 AWDC

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Round 5 AWDC.

The next trial of the 5 gate championship found us at cross ash in Abergavenny. What a place to get too. Once of the main road we then had 3 miles of tracks to get to the location. So worth it as the location was amazing.

Situated at an old farm with miles and miles of hills, streams and valleys. This was going to be interesting.

Both trucks unloaded and checked over we were ready to go. They split the trucks this time in to class 1, 2 and RTV with the protos on their own.

First trial was interesting…. Why. Because squid forgot the colour of the flags he was looking for and did the red. Red is for the protos and not class 2. This is why they were so extreme then. Oh dear.

As the day went on, the weather got worse and made the course so hard. Got to the point that you had to use the trees to help you get around the course. Down side was some of the trees are harder than the trucks. Got to lunch time and it was repair time. James had snapped his prop and squid kept blowing the fuel lines. With all this fixed it was back for the 2nd part.

James was unable to carry on so jumped in with squid. Don’t know if that helped much as they are both drivers wanting to go different ways. But they laughed a lot and enjoyed it.

Last trial was hit or miss. And there was a lot of hitting. Trees, banks, logs anything was in the way. Managed to complete the course with a lot of injuries.

Safe to say that Abergavenny site is a hard one.

James got a DNF and squid come in 4th. Roll on the next round at Stourbridge on Severn.