Bike racing is a challenging sport, both physically and mentally. Anyone who has ever riden at speed knows it requires concentration, skill and confidence.

The challenge of racing put both the rider and the bike to the test, physically challenging the rider and mechanically stressing the bike, with the added distraction of other riders “getting in the way”. The sweaty palms and nervousness on the start line are instantly replaced by heart pumping adrenaline as the lights go green.

In the race you have the thrill of the chase and the mental challenge of finding that gap while closing in on your fellow racers.

We Can Help You Get On Track

There is a wide range of classes from CB500 all the way through to Litre Bikes. You do not need to have masses of riding experience on the roads or trackdays as there are classes to cater for all even those on restricted road licences or even those with no road licence.

The team has some of the basic equipment to support riders and as of this year we have a CB500 that can be utilised by new riders until they find their feet or get their own bike.

Working out which machine you can start racing on and what qualifications you need to have can be a headache when you first want to go Road Racing. Don’t worry below are tips on what to do which will make it feel a whole lot easier.

Where to begin?

Once you have decided to come race you will need to join the Royal Navy Royal Marines Motorsport Association (£20). This can be done through this website by clicking join on the menu bar.  Once this is done the next step is to decide if you want to learn what it’s all about or jump in and race. In our team you now have 2 options.

Ready To Race Which Bike To Use

When you get your first Road Race Licence, you will either be classified as a “Novice” or an “Intermediate Novice” rider. The only difference is that an “Intermediate Novice” rider will be over 18 years old and in possession of a Full Class A – DVLA road licence and is therefore not subject to any machine capacity restrictions.

There is a table of licence grades, ages, machines and restrictions on the ACU website.

Speaking to the team will also help as you will have riders who have raced a while and new riders who have just been through the wheel. Ask questions and things will become much easier.